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How to Benefit from My Food Revolution

What is This Site About?

This site contains advice about how to flourish while you nourish your family. It is a blog site, which means that new content is being added constantly.

Why Should You Be Interested?

You will find interesting ideas here if you care about healthy tasty food, and are concerned about the time and expense it takes to provide it. Discover new ideas to help your family eat better for less, and share ideas that the rest of us should know.

How Do You Use This Site?

  1. How to Find Ideas on This Site

    The information on this site can be found in pages, blog posts, and comments.

    A. Click a blue navigation button at top of this screen to go to a page;

    B. You may choose among three ways to find blog posts (see right column):

    • Find Blog Posts by Search Term – just type in the word or words and click ‘Search’;
    • Find Blog Posts by Tag (tags are added to posts by the writer to help people know exactly what it’s about) – just click a tag;
    • Find Blog Posts by Month – just highlight a month in the drop-down menu;

    C. Comments can be found at the end of posts or other comments.

  2. How to View Ideas That Have Been Shared

    This middle column will show whatever you find, whether it’s a whole page, a blog post or a group of blog posts. You can tell that something is blog post if it starts with a title section, the date of the post, and the author of the post.

  3. How to Share Ideas

    If you have information you want to share, you can become a guest blogger on this site. I look forward to seeing your insights.

  4. A. Learn what this site is about.
    B. Become an Author.
    -Click ‘Register’ (left column).
    -Supply a username and your email address.
    -Click the link in the resulting email.
    -Log in with your username and the supplied password.
    -Click ‘Yes,…’ to change your password to something you will remember.
    C. Write a New Post.
    -Log in with your username and current password.
    -Click ‘Posts’ and ‘Add New’ and write your post.
    -Check the appropriate ‘Categories’ on the right of that page.
    -Below that, type in any ‘Post Tags’ you think are appropriate and click ‘Add’.
    -Click ‘Submit for Review’.
    D. Add a Comment to a Post. You don’t need to log in to comment on an existing post. Just click the appropriate link at the bottom of the post on which you wish to comment.
    E. Come back and see what has been done with your advice.

What Tags Can You Use in This Blog Site?

When you write a guest blog post for this site, you can use any tag(s) you think are appropriate. I thought, however, that I would supply some really appropriate tags to choose from. Here they are:

all recipes
american heart association diet
bmi calculator
calorie calculator
cooking light
coronary heart disease
dave ramsey
diabetic recipes
dinner recipes
easy dinner recipes
easy recipes
everyday food
food guide pyramid
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free printable grocery list
frugal living
frugal recipes
frugal tips
grocery coupons
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healthy eating plan
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holiday recipes
how to cook a turkey
low carb diets
low carb foods
low fat recipes
metabolic syndrome
money tips
new food pyramid
nutrition pyramid
printable grocery coupons
printable grocery list
pumpkin pie recipes
quick dinner recipes
simple recipes
supersize me
thanksgiving recipes

Try to include a tag within the title and a few tags in the text of your blog post, and choose the same tags in the ‘Post Tags’ selection area.

Launching My Food Revolution

Well here goes a new adventure as I learn how to start a blog. This blog is about my personal food revolution, but it’s also about your food revolution. I invite you not only to read about it but to also help me with it. If you have advice that fits within the scope of this site, please feel free to share it. I intend to learn a lot from all you guest bloggers. Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.